67% of employees are disengaged
51% of employees are seeking other employment
— Gallup, State of the American Workforce 2017
Conflict takes up 2.8 hours per week for the average employee. That translates into 385 million working days a year.
— 2008 Human Capital Report, CPP Global

The Unitive Business Solution


Unitive Business, based on Unitive Justice Theory, is a new paradigm for businesses based on comprehensive conflict management practices and strong principles that, if espoused, can transform the workplace. When we conduct business and lead businesses in a way that fosters connection, cooperation, communication and a recognition of our shared humanity, we create businesses that are far more likely to be successful, with engaged and committed employees, and far less likely to be haled into court.

Photo by rawpixel

Photo by rawpixel

Unitive Business Arcs


Unitive Business is based on Seven Arcs to Unitive Business, grounded in Unitive Justice Theory, that guide a culture shift.  When used in conjunction with the Restorative Justice Circles to address conflict, the business environment is transformed.

 These arcs are a spectrum not either/or, and, if embedded into the organizational culture, moving to the right side of the arc, synergy, co-creativity, higher productivity and a more harmonious and peaceful work environment arise. What’s more, managers and supervisors will be able to spend less time on interpersonal conflict and more time on the true work of the organization. In Unitive Business, employees have crucial conversations that get to the root causes of problems so issues can be permanently resolved. 

  1. Rules to Values

  2. Hierarchy to Inclusion

  3. Self-Interest to Community

  4. opposition to synergy

  5. Control to Co-Creativity

  6. Judgment to Insight

  7. Episode to Context