Outreach and education

Help us spread the word.


Our participants are enthusiastic about the potential for restorative justice using unitive principles to transform how we handle conflict. We are always excited to engage with new opportunities for education and outreach. We are looking for opportunities to spread our message. Contact us to host an event.


A number of our members are available to speak with your organization, class, or community about 

  • Unitive Justice,
  • Unitive Education,
  • Unitive Business,
  • Non-hierarchical conflict resolution, and
  • Disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline from elementary to higher education.

Our organization has a long-standing interest in promoting unitive justice in education. Our members have taught courses at Virginia Union University, Virginia Commonwealth University and Ferrum College.


Our central goal is to offer support to our community. In addition to the programs presently in operation, we are building our capacity to offer restorative justice services in neighborhoods that seek this type of intervention and community-building process, and have community members willing to participate and to learn the process. If you’d like to collaborate on an event, an outreach project, or just get together to talk through ideas, please contact us using the link below.


Photo by  Krists Luhaers  on  Unsplash

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