The Alliance for Unitive Justice works to create Unitive Communities in our justice system, in our schools, in our businesses, and anywhere else that would benefit from less conflict, more connection, more creativity and more synergy.

We know that the more Unitive Communities we create, the more peaceful and connected our world will be. As we teach Unitive Justice Theory to others, we see how it transforms lives and the way we live.


Types of Unitive Communities


Unitive Justice

Unitive Justice is a parallel model of justice that, in time, can become the norm. Retributive justice is not our only choice.


Unitive Education

Unitive Justice Theory can transform our schools and halt the school-to-prison pipeline. The AUJ school program is called Richmond Model Restorative Justice.


Unitive Business

We spend most of our days at work—why not make our workplaces Unitive Communities? People who are happier at work are often happier at home as well.