Unitive Justice Expanding into Education and Business

As we have worked with the twelve structures of Unitive Justice, we realized that they apply in other realms, as well. In June 2017 we offered our first Unitive Education workshop and it went well. One of the structures, from episode to epicenter, had to be tweaked to fit this particular system, but most were directly applicable. The episode to epicenter issue relates to how those in the traditional educational system limit consideration of the context (epicenter) and maintain a narrow focus (episode) that keeps the context from being considered. It became clear that the research that is used to legitimize the present educational system often examines only student conduct and achievement (episode) and does not examine the context or epicenter, including the school culture, that may be impacting students’ conduct and achievement. We found that using the 12 structures to analyze the system is a way to bring the problems into a much clearer focus.

Our next endeavor is to offer a workshop on Unitive Business in November, 2017. It appears that two structures will need some tweaking to make them specific to the business arena: first, the structures relating to moral principles and second, as in education, the structures that take us from episode to epicenter. What is especially exciting about this work in the field of business is that both justice and education are large institutional structures that do not change easily, but business includes many small businesses that will be able to more easily implement system change.  We are excited about expanding our work into business!