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Unitive Justice Training at Unity of Bon Air

Anyone interested in positive communication models, social justice, effective conflict management and/or human rights will enjoy this engaging and interactive training.

  • Thursday, February 7 - Saturday February 9 AND

  • Friday, February 15 & Saturday February 16

  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Cost: $25 for participant workbook AND generous love offerings during the training.

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Unitive Justice is a parallel system of justice based on lovingkindness rather than revenge or getting even. Unitive Justice has no punitive elements and is grounded on principles that emphasize:

  • Increasing community strength and self-empowerment

  • Fostering inclusivity, equality and participation

  • Encouraging synergy, unity and connectedness

  • Achieving mutually beneficial actions and outcomes

  • Embracing values such as trust, honesty, insight and compassion


The main goal for this training is for participants to understand there are two models of justice, vengeance and love, and how each system works. At the end of this training participants will:

  • Understand how system-blindness perpetuates punitive justice systems.

  • Know what Unitive Justice is and why it is a better system.

  • Learn the 14 Arcs to Unitive Justice.

  • Find ways to move from a punitive system to a unitive system in their own lives and communities

  • Understand what restorative circles are and the basics of circle facilitation

  • Identify real-life steps for Unitive Living that they can apply immediately.

For more information or questions, call 804-332-1194.


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